The OCD and Anxiety Center of Greater Baltimore now offers a FREE monthly support group for adults with OCD.

The group is modeled after the GOAL group program pioneered by Dr. Jonathan Grayson and it is professionally assisted by the staff of The OCD and Anxiety Center of Greater Baltimore.  You can read more about GOAL groups HERE.

What to expect from the free GOAL group at The OCD and Anxiety Center of Greater Baltimore

  • The group is organized into three parts:
    • A therapist-led discussion on a core concept of OCD treatment
    • GOAL planning: members work to identify specific OCD-fighting goals in which to engage and report on at the next meeting
    • Group support discussion, in which members share their experiences with OCD, create connections, and offer encouragement to one another
  • The theme of the group is taking an active role in developing OCD mastery
  • This is a peer support group that emphasizes mindfulness, cognitive tools, and, above all, exposure with response prevention (ERP).  Members start by choosing goals that they are willing to do and encourage each other to achieve greater freedom from OCD at whatever pace is appropriate for them.
  • Group members can be in any stage of therapy or no therapy to join, although members who are not in treatment are encouraged to get treatment if it is accessible.  The GOAL group can be used to motivate towards treatment, enhance motivation and compliance with current treatment, or work on relapse prevention post-treatment.
  • This group is only for OCD sufferers and those with similar disorders (see our homepage for examples).  Friends, family, and professionals looking to learn more about OCD will not be able to observe.
  • Therapist-assisted means that OCGB staff may operate as group leaders and jump in to comment where our expertise may be especially helpful, but the group is primarily member-run.
  • The GOAL support group is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy.  Members are asked to sign a waiver and agree to group guidelines; however, case files and progress notes are not maintained.  Though this is not a therapy group, it is organized and structured with the intention of developing tools for greater mastery over OCD.  Members will find a sense of empathy and community among other sufferers, but will also be expected to use the group to foster motivation for fighting OCD.

Interested in joining the group?  All it takes is a brief phone screening to assess whether our OCD support group is a good fit for you.*

  • when: every first Saturday of the month at 10am
  • length of group session: 90-120 minutes depending on group size
  • capacity: to be decided
  • cost: FREE
  • commitment: none, come and go as you please

Call (410) 927-5462 ext. 1 or email to set up a brief phone screening before joining.  Let’s stand up to OCD, one goal at a time.

*Phone screening is not a guarantee of admission to the group.