Help! I Have OCD About What’s OCD!

by Molly Schiffer, LGPC

When I meet clients for the first time they often arrive at my office with some mixture of trepidation and despair, their suffering quite evident. They may have varying degrees of knowledge about OCD, but what they all share is this overwhelming feeling or urge to do something about their unwanted […]

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Coping with Triggering News Media When You Have Harm OCD

I recently gave a talk called “Obsessive Fear of Violence in OCD” at a psychiatric conference. My talk was part of a panel on gun violence in the United States and what psychiatrists should know about it. The other speakers discussed gun violence statistics, the role of extremist violent organizations, and the link (i.e. […]

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Truly Being There for a Loved One With OCD

by Molly Schiffer, LGPC

Loving someone with OCD can be a gut-wrenching experience. When a loved one receives a diagnosis of OCD and begins treatment, this may come as a tremendous relief for the family. Often family members have watched their loved ones suffer for years prior to them getting the right diagnosis. Whether it’s […]

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Did We Already Discuss False Memories and OCD?

Lately the blogosphere and the online support groups seem to be filling with questions about so-called “false memories” in OCD.  In fact, I can tell when it’s time to explore an obsession deeper when people start using it as a whole new label:  False Memory OCD.

False Memory OCD refers to a cluster of OCD […]

New Office and New Team Member: OCGB Welcomes Molly Schiffer, LGPC

It’s been an exciting few months for The OCD and Anxiety Center of Greater Baltimore! We recently moved into a larger space in the Executive Plaza complex in Hunt Valley, MD and are very happy in our new home. Our free “GOALS” OCD support group has been flourishing and continues to meet every other […]

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How to Respond to Unwanted Thoughts

One of the questions that often comes up both in my clinical practice and in the online support groups I contribute to is, “How do I respond to my thoughts?” Or more specifically, “What is the right way to respond to my thoughts?” There is a hidden OCD trap here in the search for […]

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Introducing Brenda Kijesky, LGMFT

In 2015 I moved back to my hometown in northern Maryland. It’s been an incredible journey. Naturally, there was some uncertainty to contend with, such as how or when new local clients would come my way. But it’s been less than a year since I went from left to right coast and the Jon […]

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Relationship-themed OCD (ROCD)

OCD is a walking paradox. Those who live with it often miss the forest for the trees. And they see trees everywhere. OCD sufferers notice details and nuances in the realm of human experience that most people overlook. This results in experiences of profound pain and disgust, but also a kind of deep and […]

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POCD Part Three: The Groin and Other Junk

It’s getting uncomfortable in here
So keep on all your clothes
I am
So uncomfortable
I’m gonna keep my clothes on
-not Nelly


Get ready to be uncomfortable.

Welcome to the world of POCD (pedophile-themed obsessive compulsive disorder) and bodily sensations around children. Unwanted intrusive thoughts of a sexual nature are relatively common in OCD, […]

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What Makes IOCDF Different

I sat down to write a recap of my experience at this year’s IOCDF Conference, assuming I would talk about the humbling response to the mental rituals panel I put together with Jeff Bell, Monnica Williams, and Elspeth Bell, the joy of presenting with friends Shala Nicely and Amy Jenks on self-compassion, the hilarity […]

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