Contamination OCD: Blood, Semen, and Bodily Waste… Part Two, Semen

Disclaimer:  This is a blog about semen.  If you don’t want to read a blog about semen, I suggest you turn away now, because this blog entry in the contamination OCD series is, well, full of semen.
Though many OCD sufferers who struggle with bodily fluids have issues with vaginal secretions as well, I will […]

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Contamination OCD: Blood, Semen, and Bodily Waste…Oh My

Contamination OCD: Blood, Semen, and Bodily Waste…Oh My
If you struggle with contamination-focused OCD (or any OCD), cognitive behavioral therapy with an emphasis on exposure with response prevention and mindfulness can teach you how to win back that time, spend it with your loved ones, on your career, out in public experiencing the world.
Time. This […]

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Contamination OCD: Blood, Semen & Bodily Waste…Oh My!

In this series on Contamination OCD, I will attempt to break down the symptoms and treatment for obsessive fear of contamination from three common triggers.
Part One: Blood

Traditionally germs have been the focus of attention when it comes to contamination obsessions, with the emphasis on health anxiety and fears of getting ill or causing others […]