Coping with Triggering News Media When You Have Harm OCD

Gaining mastery over your OCD, or gaining mastery over any challenge, means reconciling what’s good for you with what makes you feel good.
I recently gave a talk called “Obsessive Fear of Violence in OCD” at a psychiatric conference. My talk was part of a panel on gun violence in the United States and what […]

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Did We Already Discuss False Memories and OCD?

Lately the blogosphere and the online support groups seem to be filling with questions about so-called “false memories” in OCD.  In fact, I can tell when it’s time to explore an obsession deeper when people start using it as a whole new label:  False Memory OCD.

False Memory OCD refers to a cluster of OCD […]

Harm OCD 4: Harm in Space

Harm OCD 4: Harm in Space
There are countless people walking amongst us believing that they are living a double-life.  On the outside they seem like regular people, if not a little overly conscientious.  On the inside, they believe themselves to be some kind of sleeper cell, narrowly escaping detection, perpetually and inescapably driven to do […]

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Harm OCD Part Three: Son of Harm OCD

Harm OCD Part Three: Son of Harm OCD
When my first child was born, my second thought was, “I am so blessed to have this amazing thing happen and I will love this child more than anyone has ever loved anything.”  It was a sublime moment.  My first thought was, “Don’t think nothin’ stupid.”  Before […]

Harm OCD Part Two: The Revenge

Harm OCD Part Two: The Revenge
As I write this, Time Warner Cable and CBS are in some sort of price war that has resulted in Time Warner’s decision to pull Showtime off the air.  What this means for me is no Dexter.  It doesn’t mean anything else.  Just… no Dexter.  So the thought going […]

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Harm OCD: Part One

Harm OCD
If you have Harm OCD, you’re always on the run and you may fear that your exhaustion could lead to that one thought slipping by that you “should” have seen as a warning.  Thankfully, treatment for this form of OCD with cognitive behavioral therapy really works.
Harm.  Many of us frame our self worth […]