How Having No Cure Is the Cure

The DSM-V is a catalog of mental health disorders as determined by the American Psychiatric Association with the input of many mental health experts around the world.  The way it works is it identifies symptoms (behaviors we engage in and our internal experience of thoughts, feelings, and sensations) and clusters them into groups.  It […]

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HOCD (Sexual Orientation OCD): Part Four – Denial

The word “denial” is at the root of all forms of OCD.  It is popularized culturally to relate to issues of sexual orientation, but every person with any form of obsessive compulsive disorder experiences the fear of “denial” whenever they choose to do exposure instead of rituals.
I don’t know if you’re gay.  I don’t […]

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Harm OCD Part Three: Son of Harm OCD

Harm OCD Part Three: Son of Harm OCD
When my first child was born, my second thought was, “I am so blessed to have this amazing thing happen and I will love this child more than anyone has ever loved anything.”  It was a sublime moment.  My first thought was, “Don’t think nothin’ stupid.”  Before […]

Harm OCD Part Two: The Revenge

Harm OCD Part Two: The Revenge
As I write this, Time Warner Cable and CBS are in some sort of price war that has resulted in Time Warner’s decision to pull Showtime off the air.  What this means for me is no Dexter.  It doesn’t mean anything else.  Just… no Dexter.  So the thought going […]

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HOCD (Sexual Orientation OCD): Part Three – The Groinal Response

HOCD (Sexual Orientation OCD): Part Three – The Groinal Response
I had planned to write about several things in this entry to the series on sexual orientation obsessions (a.k.a. HOCD), but after outlining what there is to consider about groinal response and OCD, I realized there’s enough about what goes on in our nether-regions to […]

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Harm OCD: Part One

Harm OCD
If you have Harm OCD, you’re always on the run and you may fear that your exhaustion could lead to that one thought slipping by that you “should” have seen as a warning.  Thankfully, treatment for this form of OCD with cognitive behavioral therapy really works.
Harm.  Many of us frame our self worth […]

HOCD (Sexual Orientation OCD): Part Two

HOCD (Sexual Orientation OCD): Part Two
So now what?

Obsessive compulsive disorder is treated with a form of psychotherapy called cognitive behavioral therapy.  It is a present-focused therapy that addresses how you are responding to your thoughts and feelings and how these responses can be modified to improve your mental health.  Treatment for HOCD is no […]

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