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Media Publications


Everyday Mindfullness for OCD

by Jon Hershfield, MFT and Shala Nicely, LPC, foreword by C. Alec Pollard, Ph.D.
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When a Family Member Has OCD

by Jon Hershfield, MFT, foreword by Jeff Bell
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The Mindfulness Workbook for OCD

by Jon Hershfield, MFT and Tom Corboy, MFT, foreword by James Claiborn, Ph.D., ABPP
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Overcoming Harm OCD: Mindfulness and CBT Tools for Coping with Unwanted Violent Thoughts

by Jon Hershfield MFT,‎ foreword by Jonathan Grayson PhD
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Other Media

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Interview on The OCD Stories about When a Family Member Has OCD and more

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Guest blog for on uncertainty acceptance in OCD

Mistaken Beliefs about Uncertainty Acceptance and OCD

Interviewed by Chrissie Hodges, “Pure O Advocate” and host of Mental Illness Matters

Guest blog for on mindfulness and unwanted thoughts

Oh, The Controversy! That’s Not Me, That’s My OCD!

Quoted in Dollar Shave Club blog on fear of blood

Why Are We So Grossed Out By Our Own Bodily Fluids?

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How the internet helps take the power out of scary, taboo thoughts

Jon Hershfield Discusses His Book, “When a Family Member Has OCD” with the OCD SoCal Digital Book Club

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Web Talk Radio interview “Caught Between Generations w/ Merle Griff, Ph.D.” – When a Family Member has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:

Loving Someone with OCD talk for OCD Georgia: OCD Awareness Week October 2015

IOCDF Expert Opinions: “Dear Loved One, I Have OCD” — Tips for Individuals and Family Members about Disclosing Your OCD:

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Quoted in: “Mother and daughter, both with OCD, help others cope” – Orange County Register

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