Having Real Conversations: Working With Your Non-OCD Partner

by Molly Schiffer, LCPC
“Discussing in an honest way what made this situation difficult to talk about allowed us to be open to what the other had to say and to treat each other with the compassion and respect that we both deserved.”
Recently, I had an experience that was both tremendously anxiety producing and incredibly beneficial.  […]

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Jon on Retreat: Part Two

I don’t need to meditate all day to be mindful.  I just need to remember what it is like to have a mind at rest, to remember that I can tell the difference between a thought and a threat.
In Part One of this blog series on meditation retreats, I described my first experience at the Insight […]

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How Having No Cure Is the Cure

The DSM-V is a catalog of mental health disorders as determined by the American Psychiatric Association with the input of many mental health experts around the world.  The way it works is it identifies symptoms (behaviors we engage in and our internal experience of thoughts, feelings, and sensations) and clusters them into groups.  It […]

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Demystifying Panic: Part One

by Brenda Kijesky, LCMFT
While these symptoms may make you feel as if you’re going crazy, you are anything but crazy. You may think that you are the only one who experiences these feelings; however, you are far from alone.
“OMG, I’m dying!”

“I think I’m having a heart attack!”

“People probably think I’m crazy!”

“I’m afraid I’m going […]

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Part One

by Molly Schiffer, LCPC
It will take courage and maybe a leap of faith to seek help, but you can wake up from the nightmare of living with BDD and learn to change the way you relate to your physical appearance.
Recently I stayed at a hotel for a conference and was delighted to see they […]

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Moral Scrupulosity OCD: Part Three

Moral scrupulosity OCD, or the relentless pursuit of certainty about one’s morality, can feel like a truly impossible situation.  You have a thought about something you did or thought about doing, or felt an urge to do, and so forth, and because this experience doesn’t line up with your presumed identity as a moral […]

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When OCD Comes Home for the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! If you live anywhere near me, the days are shorter, the, weather is colder, and the OCD is counting the ways it can get to you. It’s the most… (jingle jingle) obsessive tiiiime… (jingle jingle) of the yeeearrrrr…

The several weeks of time between Thanksgiving and New Years, or […]

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Moral Scrupulosity OCD: Part Two

When I was a kid, my parents had their driveway repaved and this left a glorious mound of dirt at the top of it for a few days. It was probably ten feet tall and I was clearly told not to play on it, but the moment my mom and dad were off running […]

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Jon on Retreat: Notes From Three Days of Silent Meditation

Mindfulness, or learning to view thoughts and feelings as observable phenomena instead of “the truth” or “threats,” has been instrumental in my journey through OCD.  But it was only in the last five years or so that I really started meditating.  This was spurred in part by the fact that the $200 I cleverly […]

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Shedding Light on Health Anxiety OCD

By Molly Schiffer, LCPC
Currently you may only know the suffering associated with Health Anxiety OCD, but through the right treatment, there is hope of learning to appreciate the way your mind works.
One of the things I find most heartbreaking about working with some of my OCD clients is that the disorder has ripped from […]

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