What Makes IOCDF Different

I sat down to write a recap of my experience at this year’s IOCDF Conference, assuming I would talk about the humbling response to the mental rituals panel I put together with Jeff Bell, Monnica Williams, and Elspeth Bell, the joy of presenting with friends Shala Nicely and Amy Jenks on self-compassion, the hilarity […]

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POCD Part II: Treating Pedophile-Themed OCD

POCD Part II: Treating Pedophile-Themed OCD
The idea of actually getting treatment for POCD can be terrifying, especially when you think your obsession is unspeakable and untreatable. But OCD is OCD. POCD is not some untreatable separate diagnosis that requires some strange outlying treatment approach. The most effective treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder is cognitive […]

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POCD Part I: What Is Pedophile-Themed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

POCD is an obsessive fear of being or becoming a pedophile, what to many is considered the ultimate loss of identity.
POCD (Pedophile-themed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

People will feel sorry for me if I get cancer. They’ll accept me if it turns out I’m gay. They’ll chalk it all up to me just being mentally ill […]

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HOCD (Sexual Orientation OCD): Part Four – Denial

The word “denial” is at the root of all forms of OCD.  It is popularized culturally to relate to issues of sexual orientation, but every person with any form of obsessive compulsive disorder experiences the fear of “denial” whenever they choose to do exposure instead of rituals.
I don’t know if you’re gay.  I don’t […]

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Contamination OCD: Blood, Semen, and Bodily Waste… Part Two, Semen

Disclaimer:  This is a blog about semen.  If you don’t want to read a blog about semen, I suggest you turn away now, because this blog entry in the contamination OCD series is, well, full of semen.
Though many OCD sufferers who struggle with bodily fluids have issues with vaginal secretions as well, I will […]

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Contamination OCD: Blood, Semen, and Bodily Waste…Oh My

Contamination OCD: Blood, Semen, and Bodily Waste…Oh My
If you struggle with contamination-focused OCD (or any OCD), cognitive behavioral therapy with an emphasis on exposure with response prevention and mindfulness can teach you how to win back that time, spend it with your loved ones, on your career, out in public experiencing the world.
Time. This […]

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Harm OCD 4: Harm in Space

Harm OCD 4: Harm in Space
There are countless people walking amongst us believing that they are living a double-life.  On the outside they seem like regular people, if not a little overly conscientious.  On the inside, they believe themselves to be some kind of sleeper cell, narrowly escaping detection, perpetually and inescapably driven to do […]

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Contamination OCD: Blood, Semen & Bodily Waste…Oh My!

In this series on Contamination OCD, I will attempt to break down the symptoms and treatment for obsessive fear of contamination from three common triggers.
Part One: Blood

Traditionally germs have been the focus of attention when it comes to contamination obsessions, with the emphasis on health anxiety and fears of getting ill or causing others […]

Harm OCD Part Three: Son of Harm OCD

Harm OCD Part Three: Son of Harm OCD
When my first child was born, my second thought was, “I am so blessed to have this amazing thing happen and I will love this child more than anyone has ever loved anything.”  It was a sublime moment.  My first thought was, “Don’t think nothin’ stupid.”  Before […]

Harm OCD Part Two: The Revenge

Harm OCD Part Two: The Revenge
As I write this, Time Warner Cable and CBS are in some sort of price war that has resulted in Time Warner’s decision to pull Showtime off the air.  What this means for me is no Dexter.  It doesn’t mean anything else.  Just… no Dexter.  So the thought going […]

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