OCD is a treatable disorder. It is not some strange thing only a few people suffer from that nobody knows how to address.

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Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Related Disorders

Services Offered

Jon Hershfield, MFT is licensed in the states of Maryland, Virginia, and California. He sees clients locally in his Hunt Valley office and online throughout the states of Maryland, Virginia, and California.  Brenda Kijesky, LCMFT and Molly Schiffer, LCPC see clients in our Hunt Valley office and via teletherapy throughout the state of Maryland.  Click here for contact info.

Payment Policy

  • We are private pay only and do not accept any form of insurance
  • If you have out-of-network mental health coverage through your health insurance, call them to find out what that coverage is as it may be possible to get a percentage of your fees reimbursed.  We can provide the necessary “superbill” paperwork for you to submit for this purpose.
  • Fees are due at time of service.  Rates vary depending on clinician.
  • Some sliding scale and low-fee therapy options available.


OCD is a treatable disorder. It is not some strange thing only a few people suffer from and nobody knows how to address. Despite its ability to cause intense pain and significant impairment of functioning, it is a disorder that you can master with right tools. Though cognitive behavioral therapy is a structured, evidence-based approach, we do not believe in following a manual or treating every OCD sufferer like just another customer. Our treatment philosophy is one of collaboration with the client, forming an alliance against the disorder, and empowering the individual to pursue a life of his/her own values without OCD dictating what can and cannot be achieved.

What to expect from a clinician who specializes in OCD treatment:

  • The majority of your therapist’s practice is made up of clients with OCD.
  • Has an in-depth understanding of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder as well as experience and training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as applied to OCD.
  • Explains the Obsessive-Compulsive Cycle and how OCD is reinforced and treated.
  • Uses Exposure with Response Prevention as one of the primary treatment approaches.
  • Does not spend excessive amounts of time digging in the past for motivations or participating in reassurance or analysis rituals.
  • Assigns homework and expects the client to work consistently between sessions.
  • Coordinates in-vivo exposure in session, which means you are “doing” in addition to “talking.”
  • Is willing to include field sessions or home visits where appropriate.
  • Stays up to date with the latest OCD research and is active in the larger OCD community.

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